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National Sponsorships

Family First is proud to work with national partners like h.h.gregg and Russell Athletic.  Our mission is to provide parenting, marriage, and relational truth that helps people love their family well and gives them greater hope for the future.  We work closely with these partners, reaching millions of mothers, fathers, and families every day with our message through our websites, emails, social media, and traditional media. We also interact with families through live events at NFL facilities and in schools around the nation.

State-Based Sponsorships

These are national partnerships on a smaller scale – targeted more locally to a specific state or region.  We partner with businesses who share our vision:  for every child to know the love of a mom and dad and for every mom and dad to be engaged in the life of their child.   We can leverage geotargeted messaging and a strong presence in a number of key states to move the needle for our state-based partners no matter what their goal is.

Government Services

We have experience working with government services and elected officials, both at the state and national level.  As a research and education 501(c)(3) non-profit, we are able to join forces with government agencies who focus on family related services.  Our platform can serve as a springboard for prevention messaging or campaign awareness.

Digital Partnerships

Our digital platform continues to grow exponentially. Through social media and our websites, our content is delivered to millions of families each month. In the fall of 2013, we launched our All Pro Dad and iMOM Recommends program, a purely digital promotional tool that delivers 1.5 million monthly impressions for products and brands that we know and trust.

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