None of us likes yelling at kids, but for most of us, it’s inevitable. No matter how great our kids are, or how well we do as parents, eventually, kids make mistakes. When it happens, we hopefully handle it calmly. But we need to discipline our kids, regardless of whether we quietly reprimand them or raise our voices to get our points across. Yelling at kids is never fun for parents or for children. It can lead to hurt feelings and it can put stress on the relationship.

When we yell, our kids may feel like we don’t understand them or that we’re being unfair, or they might feel guilty and think we view them differently because of their mistakes. So when we yell, it’s crucial to manage the aftermath in a way that shows our kids that we’ll always love and support them, no matter the mistake. Here are 4 things to do after you’ve yelled at your kids.


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