With 2:55 left in Super Bowl LVII, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made a subtle move that helped his team win the game. With defenders closing in, he made the decision to escape on foot rather than throw. But, as he was taking off, he took a slight peek over his shoulder to gauge how much space was between him and the nearest would-be tackler. That tiny glance gave him the information and advantage he needed. He darted away from harm and ran for 26 yards. It was the longest run by a quarterback in Super Bowl history. A few plays later, Kansas City kicked the winning field goal and claimed the Lombardi Trophy. Mahomes was named the game’s MVP.

The long Mahomes run was the play of the game, in my opinion, but it only happened because he made a small decision to set up major success. My playing days are over, but as a dad, I am committed to doing whatever it takes to leave a positive impact on my children. With kids, the little things—small decisions like the one Mahomes made—add up to big things. Here are 4 small decisions your kids will love.


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