As I spread frosting on my son’s cake, little chocolate crumbs started mixing in with the frosting, making it look gritty and dirty. I must’ve been using the wrong kind of spatula. I struggled my way around the cake and thought about my friend Laura, whose 12-year-old daughter is an amazing baker. She has a natural gift, but Laura has also helped her daughter hone her craft by arranging for her to work with a professional baker and signing her up for cake decorating courses.

As I thought more about how wonderfully supportive Laura is of her kids and their dreams, I realized two things: She’s really got a knack for that, and I’m not that mom. When my kids express interest in something, I don’t always come up with ways to champion it. So, I wondered, what’s my strength or my knack? If you’re not sure about yours either, remember that every mom has strengths and weaknesses. I bet one of these 9 qualities of a good mother is your strength.


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