“Is your leg OK?” I asked my son while we were on a walk after dinner. He rubbed his knee and said, “It hurts, but it’s fine. Let’s keep going.” We got in our two miles, and as the house came back into view, I saw my younger son standing on the sidewalk in the dark, holding his teddy bear, Hobbes. When we got closer, he said, “I wanted to go along, but you were already gone.”

My heart sank. When I’d asked earlier, he said he wasn’t interested, but apparently he had changed his mind. I am really struggling to connect with this kiddo, and every day seems to bring new challenges. If I let myself, I could easily spiral into worry over him. Instead, I try to focus on the big picture and parent with purpose. If you need help parenting with purpose, pick one of these 3 simple truths to guide you each day.


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