“Why can’t you have summers off?” my son asked. “That’s not how my job works, kiddo. I’m sorry.” I responded with a little ache in my working-mom heart. I shoved my sons’ flip-flops in their bags and rubbed in the last bit of sunscreen on their cheeks before sending them out the door to go play at my parents’ house.

I’m grateful for my job and love what I do, but being a working mom over the summer is physically and emotionally tough. I want the lazy mornings, endless snacking, and pruney fingers from the pool. Instead, I juggle schedules and attempt to squeeze in a summer bucket list activity on a day off. Do you feel stress that doesn’t jibe with the sunshine and lemonade mood, too? If so, I see you, and I’m with you. Here’s why summer is tough for working moms and what we can do to enjoy it a little more.


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