Probably the greatest sports upset of all time is the Miracle on Ice when the college-aged United States Olympic hockey team beat the dominant Soviet team in Lake Placid in 1980. The U.S. team wasn’t even expected to do that well. After scoring in the final minute to tie Sweden in the first game, they went on to win the rest. Many of those games would be come from behind wins. With every game, they gained more and more confidence. Sometimes the biggest difference between success and failure is a person’s level of belief.

Confidence is a learned trait and must be nurtured. It can be fragile at times. Some of the greatest achievers on the planet go through bouts of insecurity. That is not such a bad thing. It usually leads to even greater achievements. Nonetheless, the overall goal is for our kids to feel secure about who they were created to be. The following is how to build self-confidence in your kids.

1. Listen

A simple task it would seem. Amazing how difficult it can be to just simply listen. Not solve, not direct and not lecture. Listen. All children will tell you what is on their mind. They only want someone to hear them. Give your child the patience and time they need from you. It will do a world of good…


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