Helping Families Love Well

When you give, you'll help provide families with the resources they need to love one another well.

Family First is a nonprofit organization on a mission to provide parenting, marriage and relational truth that helps people love their family well and gives them greater hope for the future.

Helping Dads Love Well

All Pro Dad will help you love and lead your family well. Our message will inspire you to embrace who you are, give you tenderness of heart, and boldness of character as a dad.

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Helping Moms Love Well

iMOM exists for you - to inspire you to love your family well. We want to give you help and hope so that you can enjoy the days to come... being a mom!

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Mark Merrill

Founder and President of Family First

From the Family Minute daily radio program to his recent book, All Pro Dad: 7 Essentials to be a Hero to your Kids, Mark has striven for decades to be a voice of truth for families motivated by a passion to see marriages and family relationships strengthened.

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Love Well Stories

“My wife and I just dropped off our son at college this past weekend. The house feels empty. The ping pong table sits quietly in the garage and the lawnmower is mine again. For the past few years, All Pro Dad has been a wonderful reminder to take the time and focus on the family, especially our son. I did, and have no regrets. Thank you All Pro Dad!”

“I'm so happy to have chanced upon and your Espresso Minute email newsletter. The articles, tips and insights provide great ideas and are also very encouraging. I love that they are not too lengthy to read as well. My favorite part are the Pillow Talk Questions to ask your child at bedtime. They've paved the way for wonderful bedtime talks which help me connect and know my little boy even better each day. ”

“As always All-Pro Dad when I feel I need some answers you seem to always provide it in the Play of the Day. It's almost as if you can read my mind. ”

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