Do you want to be an average dad or an amazing one? I’m thinking you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to take your role as a dad to another level. The hard part about going to a higher level is it takes dedication, focus, hard work, and a willingness to change. We need to be confronted with our weaknesses and have the humility to own and deal with them. Lately, I have been challenged as a man and a dad by a daily devotional called Move by Brian Tome.

One of his daily thoughts that stood out to me is about identifying your enemies. You can define “enemies” in a lot of different ways, but we’ll define them as the things that keep us from being better versions of ourselves. When I think about my enemies as a dad, it’s those things that keep me from being the man my kids need—the things that take me away from what makes a great dad. I thought three that Brian Tome listed applied to fatherhood. I added a couple more. Here are 5 enemies of fatherhood.


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