My youngest son loves to wrestle. He’d do it for hours if I could keep up with him. It usually starts with his sneaking up and tackling me onto a bed or couch. There, he’ll try to pin me. I usually retaliate with a bear hug. Once he wriggles himself free, he tries to pin me again, and the roughhousing continues. Though he can’t quite pin me yet (that day is coming), the sound of his laughter is the best part.

There’s a lot to be said about the time dads spend wrestling our sons. It’s both quality time and an opportunity for our sons to measure their strength against ours. As he gets stronger, I want him to understand his own strength as a gift to respect and treasure. But while I’m raising a strong son, I also want him to know there are some strengths that will seem weak to him at first glance. Here are 4 strengths our sons might think are weaknesses.


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