If you have had multiple kids in diapers at the same time, you know that it’s survival mode time. A friend of mine was telling me that when his kids were that age, he and his wife would be so tired they would want to lay down to watch their favorite TV shows at the end of the day. The problem was that they liked different shows. So they agreed to watch in separate rooms. It wasn’t bad once in a while, but it formed a habit, even after their kids were older. Eventually, their marriage reached a difficult place. Breaking habits like that was the beginning of restoration.

There are lots of not-so-great choices families make once in a while with no major consequences. But when those choices become habits, you’ve got a problem. Such is the case with most of these ten negative habits to kick. If you see them making regular appearances in your family’s life, act fast to correct them. Here are 10 family habits to break.

1. Fast food

The nutrition you get for the calories, sodium, and fat grams you consume is a bad deal. If you find yourself feeding your family from a paper bag with grease stains every few days (or more), it’s time to cut back.


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