The other morning, I woke up to a small voice saying, “Mama.” That’s when I realized I had slept through my alarm. Twenty minutes later, we were out the door, a cold bagel breakfast in hand all around. By lunch, I realized I was growing frantic, the feeling of being behind finally catching up to me. And by the time I reached the afternoon, it felt like the day had fully gotten away.

I felt myself starting to snap at everyone around me and saw my kids pulling away from our conversations instead of leaning in like they usually did. A woman of grace I was not. Productivity and peace were not mine and a bad start to the day triggered it all. Thankfully, there’s a better way that has been related to higher levels of peace, lower levels of stress, and more productivity, which busy moms crave. And it all starts with these 3 questions to ask yourself every day.


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