You’ve no doubt shopped for a card for your spouse and read something like, “You light up my world. You’re my everything. You are my every dream come true.” It sounds sweet and I understand the intentions. But your wife is not your everything. Your husband isn’t your every dream come true. Spouses don’t always light up the world. The cards and song lyrics and movies are lying. And let’s face it—expecting your spouse to be all these things would actually hurt your relationship.

The world tells you these lies are OK. But they aren’t. You need to see the lies about your spouse for what they are—lies. You shouldn’t have exaggerated expectations and unrealistic ideas about what your spouse should be. It’s too much pressure. It sets your marriage up for failure. You must get crystal clear on what your spouse is and what your spouse is not. Let’s talk about 3 things your spouse is not.


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