There are two powerful words among 8 simple phrases that can change your relationships for the better: Thank you. By expressing our appreciation for others, we do two things. We change our attitude to one of appreciation and gratitude, and we affirm others for the good things that they do. In this way, we help create a positive atmosphere in which goodness can flourish. The best place to start—and the easiest to overlook—is closest to home. We probably have much to be thankful for about our spouses and our families, if only we would take the time to notice.

But you know what they say about familiarity, and it’s true: We can miss what is right in front of us. So why not take some time to think about what you have to thank your loved ones for. Maybe go back over the last week in your mind, review each encounter with them, and look for ways they helped or enriched your life. You may be surprised at how long of a list you come up with. And here’s what you might want to thank them for.


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