When you look back on your teenage years, can you think of moments that left a scar? I can. I was a part of a marching band drill team all during high school. We were a tight-knit group—that is until someone on the team would decide to be upset with one of the rest of the group. Professed friends would gather around the cause of the offended one and ostracize the offender. When I was the “chosen offender,” I took it personally. Alone and isolated, I believed that if I had been good enough, these girls wouldn’t have turned on me.

Being a teenager can be cutthroat. Every day, they hear or see something on social media that makes them feel less than. Teens are seeking false and fleeting admiration from virtual connections but they’re left desperate for real words that affirm their worth. You have the power to give them that with these 20 affirmations for teens. Pick the ones your son or daughter needs to hear most and say them as much as you can.


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