My daughter is a hugger. Even though she’s in middle school, she’ll often put out her arms and ask for a hug. And when she asks, I drop everything and hug her, and hug her, and hug her. Because not only is she a hugger… she’s a long hugger. So I put all thoughts of what I was doing or what I was going to do on hold until she lets me go. She makes it easy for me to accomplish one of the seven things you should do with your kids every day—show physical affection. For her, it’s hugs.

For my less affectionate 12-year-old son, I show him affection by mussing his hair or giving him a quick good morning kiss while he’s still asleep and cocooned in his covers in bed. And if those opportunities don’t present themselves, I’ll challenge him to thumb wrestling. Whatever it takes to make contact, right? In the midst of our busy, busy days, it is so easy to steamroll through the hours. Be sure you don’t miss these 7 things moms should do for the kids every day for a strong parent-child relationship.


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