Every young girl dreams of a fairy-tale romance. So what kind of guy should I be teaching my daughters to look for?

I thought about the things I looked for in my husband, and it made me realize what a wise choice I’d made by marrying Mark. And it also made me want to help my daughters choose wisely as well. They need to know what to look for in a boy. Their future and their children’s future happiness depends on it. Here are the 8 things moms should teach their daughters to look for in a boy.

1. Look for a Gentleman.

A young man should open the door for you, stand when you sit at a table, and carry heavy bags for you. Polite gestures like these reflect an inner dignity you’ll want in a husband.

2. Look for Honor.

Be sure to observe the way a young man treats his parents. He should always honor them not because of their performance, but because of their position as his mother and father.


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