There are things teenagers do that tend to sum up the teen years. They need their freedom, but they also need our guidance. They want more opportunities to make their own choices; we want to feel more comfortable before we give them those chances. Teenagers often think they should have more freedom than they can actually handle and while there are no “bad teens,” there are kids who push boundaries and rebel more than others.  But even if a teen is responsible and mature for his or her age, there is typical teenage behavior and things teenagers do that (no matter what argument they give), they just should not be doing.

Parents make the mistake of thinking that it’s not worth it to hold their teen to this standard. Teens will be teens! But if we pretend like we don’t care and that we have zero confidence in our kids to make healthy and responsible choices, we are setting them up for disaster. So here are 13 things teenagers do that they shouldn’t.


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