I stood there, arms at my sides, internally screaming all the things I prepared to say as I faced down the one person I could never go against: my mom. Her actions and demeanor were nothing new—stoic and unyielding. She knew I’d cave and give in to what she wanted. I always did. But in that moment, sun streaming through the open curtains, my son’s packed bag at my feet, something changed. I uttered words she never thought would escape my lips: “No; he’s grounded, and he can’t go with you.” It was a moment that changed my entire way of thinking.

Being a people pleaser is second nature to many women. We long to calm and soothe those around us, often at the expense of our own wants and needs. Unfortunately, people-pleasing is unhealthy and takes effort to deconstruct. Overcoming people-pleasing can be done by changing a few habits. Here are 5 things a recovering people pleaser should practice.


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